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Our Company

“for both the home builder and the home buyer”

In 1995, Lolly Hauptman envisioned a future where selecting home finishes was simple, joyful, and efficient for both builders and buyers. She founded Saddleback Design to make this process a gratifying, creative experience—”the exciting part,” as she says. Builders and buyers loved it, and Saddleback Design grew to include Lolly’s sons, Luke and John. Today, this family vision has transformed the finish process, making it more profitable for builders and more enjoyable for buyers. Choosing finishing touches is like adding the final stroke to a beautiful painting.

OUR MISSION & The Values By Which We Operate

To partner with homebuilders and homeowners to personalize homes through thoughtful design, extensive selection and quality installation.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever we say, we ask ourselves first, “Is it good for Saddleback… does it honor our values?